Friday, June 27, 2008

Meme: My Memoir in Six Words

Random Chick tagged me with this meme: the task is to write your memoir in six words.

I’ve been tagged for the first time and add to that … this is the first time I’ve been invited to participate in a meme.
Since the majority of my readers are presently family and friends, I should explain what a “meme” is and what it means to be “tagged”.
Being “tagged” is when another blogger mentions me in their blog and provides a link to my blog … just like I have done above with Random Chick’s name. (go ahead and click on it)
A “meme”, (rhyming with theme) as I understand it is a form of Internet survey, quiz or as in this case, a task, passed around from one blogger to another through linking. The linking part is important because it brings new visitors to your blog. The more interesting the quiz, survey or task the more links it will develop as it gets passed along.

So here it goes … “My Memoir in Six Words”

Birth, School, Work, Marriage, Family, Blog

Birth: “Thanks mom” for bringing me into this world by cesarean section. It’s a well-known fact that c-section babies are always “good looking”.

School: I met my wife when we were high school sophomores, and though I have no college education, the sisters of Notre Dame and the Franciscan Fathers filled my brain with enough knowledge to get me to the here and now.

Work: I started working when I was a young teenager and over the years I have yet to discover a way to “not” have to work.

Marriage: Not yet twenty-one but yet we tied the knot … Thirty-six years and counting.

Family: Four years into our marriage the twin girls were born with a third daughter arriving six years later … so, for more than half my life I’ve been blessed with children and now … grandchildren.

Blog: So now, if the married c-sectioned high school graduate working stiff with kids and grandkids suddenly kicks the bucket, will somebody please repost this memoir?

Now I’m supposed to tag six people … but I’m too shy.
Any volunteers?
Okay ... my first (and most likely "only") volunteer ... the awesome b-dog


Anonymous said...

It is always fun learning about others.

I'll give this meme a shot if I can remeber to do it.The old memory isn't what it use to be.

JDL said...

Joe you're too old to fantasize about not working, you must be almost 40 by now. Did you really put your blog in your memoir, you need a new hobby!

PracticallyJoe said...

Ponder: Always a pleasure to have you stop by ... try looking at some old family photos and write about the goofier ones. I'll look forward to your post.

JDL: My life is full as it is right now ... I'd have to give up one of the six to replace it with something else ... I guess the blog thing would be the one to go ... the reason I chose blog was because lately I'm blogging more and watching TV less ... How would this sound?
"I remember Joe, he watched a lot of TV." So, come on ... blog was a better choice, don't you now agree?

And as far work goes ... I was born to go to school to learn enough to impress a woman to marry and raise a family with me so I can baby-sit for the rest of my life. In case you don't know ... two hours of baby-sitting is more work than ten hours of managing a restaurant and gives me great material to blog about.

Queen Goob said...

Sorry, no can do as she tagged me as well. I had a difficult time coming up with mine but then again that could be the ADD kickin', no, no, it's "multitasking".

Great meme and i didn't know what the heck it meant either so don't feel bad. Of course I AM blonde....

Anonymous said...

Tag me! Tag me! ;-)

By the way, you did good with your 6-word memoir; I immediately thought of doing a joke one, but your serious one works really well...

PracticallyJoe said...

Queen: We're both live'n and learn'n

b-dog: Nice of you to volunteer ... I will go back, edit my post and offer you up.

Bogart in P Towne said...

Sounds like a nice run so far.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! You've been tagged with ANOTHER meme!

julia said...

dad, i never want to hear you mention "kicking the bucket" ever again!

PracticallyJoe said...

Bogart: So far so good ... knock on wood!

Midleah: Aren't you the generous one. Crazy-eights sounds like fun.

Julia: I'm sorry :>( Daddy will live forever.

Anonymous said...

I second Julia...MUAH

Practically Joe said...

Anon: I second Julia...MUAH
Me: Why do I get the feeling I know you? ... MUAH! Right back at ya!