Saturday, April 12, 2008


I love music.
Back in my teens, when gasoline was 35 cents a gallon, I was the lead singer of a band called The Off and Ons.
We did strictly cover songs. We were only talented enough to mimic.
Sometimes we did songs so well they sounded like originals.
“But that really was Satisfaction!, Honest it was!”
I have met many rock musicians over the years and today I actually work with a couple. Not on stage. Those days are gone since gas since gasoline jumped to 37 cents.
These are the younger generations … the stars of tomorrow when gasoline will be $4.50 a gallon.
Recently I took in a set at a local gin mill (”Do they still call them gin mills?”)
The band was El Rancho … the bass guitar player, Dan the Man Griff is awesome!
There was one song featuring his “vocal” ability … the name of the song escapes me … the lyrics were made up of only five words. He belted them out over and over and over again.
I cant say them on this blog but here’s a clue as to what they were … I D G A F (the first letter of each word).
Here’s my impression of American Idol judge Randy Jackson critiquing Dan.
”Check it out! Check it out! Listen here, for me it was okay Dawg … a little bit pitchy … you knew the lyrics well … but, dude, your bass playin’ was the BOMB!”
Another up and coming Boston band working to make its mark is called Vera Mesmer.
Now is my chance to figure out how to imbed a video onto this blog.
So here they are folks, Singing "You and I" … Please welcome … Vera Mesmer …


Anonymous said...

Joe Mancuso!!!!! Your the man... and you even blogged about me. maybe i'll start blogging and make you the star of one. take care buddy.

Anonymous said...

Hey.....I liked that! :)

Reminds me...why do teenage boys form bands...or really want to? My son started teaching himself acoustic and bass guitar last year and has been tkaing formal lessons for 4 monhts now....of course he and his best friend are forming a band. And what does his best friend play? Clarinet! lmao Award-winning player of course....but hmm....clarinet? lmao

And no....they do NOT call them gin mills any longer! lol