Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sorry About the SSPCP

It’s my day off. I get two a week. Today is one of them.
I’m here, coffee in hand …wondering how to start my day.
I’m not sure why ... but I think I’ll activate my super power.
Its a secret super power ... so don’t tell anyone.
I don’t really have to ask you to not tell my secret.
Later ... I will simply remove it from your mind.
I can do that ... its part of my power.
Any way ... my power ...
It has to do with mind reading, ESP and thought control.
I think I picked it up after a fall when I hit my head.
I’m not quite sure when that happened (or if it really did happen).
I do find it strange though ...
I can’t seem to use my power to figure out how I got it.
Only thing I can figure is ...
I must have used my power on myself ... removing the memory ...
So that I won’t possibly slip up and give my secret away.
See ... it works ... I told you.
Lets see ... There is a reason I’m telling you this.
I just can’t remember what it is ...
I assume, once again (yes its happened before) my power is out of control.
Which brings me to an important factor I think you should know.
I have discovered I have ...
“SSPCP” ... Super Secret Power Control Problem.
I will work on this ... Once I master control ...
I will not only remember messages I secretly sent out to you ...
But I will also discover what I have accidently erased from your memory.
So ... until then ... you can just blame me for the times you ...
Couldn’t find your keys ... forgot that important meeting or
missed a birthday ... I ‘m sorry.

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