Monday, April 7, 2008

It's Baseball ... Look it up!

Recently I added a new word to my vocabulary.
I believe verbal growth is important.
You don't want to ever run out of things to say.
In conversation, if I ever hear a new word I say …
"Stop!" "Please ... What was that you said?"
Usually there's a quizzical look staring back at me ... at least for a moment.
That's when I explain that I simply didn't understand.
A stranger and I were just talking about the Red Sox.
We were discussing how we both wished we could get to a game.
The word came right out of left field.
I was saying words like "banging out sick from work" ... "scalping" ...
"E-baying" ... "fagetaboutit"

He was saying words like "very expensive" ... "not having enough time" ...
"and besides I'm known to be an uxorious husband"

He chuckled while saying it ... you know ... as if he made a joke.
His wife (quietly standing next to him) smiled ...
as she turned and looked at him ever so lovingly.
"OMG! ... Nice move, guy!" ... I thought to myself.
I got to get me some of that.
I haven't seen that look in my wife's eye since I promised ...
if she really, really needed it ... I'd give her one of my kidneys.
"Stop!" “Please. I'm sorry. I didn't get that.”
Married for more than 35 years ... I've been many a type of husband.
Could I have missed one?
His explanation to me was ... "Oh ... My wife doesn't like baseball."
He wasn't very helpful with my quest for verbal growth.
The spelling is correct ... it took me 25 minutes to google it.
Sorry … I love my wife ... but ... uxorious ... I'm not.
For God's sakes ... We're talking BASEBALL here!


Bogart in P Towne said...

I need to use that word!

Probably should get married first though.

Practically Joe said...

bogart: Probably should get married first though.
Me: I don't want to push you towards the extreme ... If you like ... find a way and use it on me ... no strings attached.