Monday, April 14, 2008

Idol Worrying

I can't help it. I worry.
I worry about everything.
I worry about being late. I worry about the bills.
I worry that I forgot to set the DVR to record American Idol.
I couldn't bear the thought of that.
I have to watch it right after it's recorded.
I can’t watch it while it’s live.
I have no patience.
I have to be able to fast-forward through the commercials.
Sometimes I worry about that.
I hate it when I can’t watch it right after I record it.
I usually can’t avoid the outcome when I log onto the Internet.
Even if I keep one eye closed as I surf. I worry I’ll find out who’s out.
I like to watch the elimination and be surprised.
When someone I like gets voted off the stage ... I sometimes become emotional.
I worry about that. Why do I feel that way?
They'll probably make millions anyway.
I worry constantly. Many times I worry needlessly.
I worry that I worry too much … as if I don’t worry enough already.
I wonder … should I be worried about all of this.
I think I've been a worrier all my life.
Did I worry about baby things? Maybe I worried about my 3am feedings.
Could I have worried about never becoming potty trained?
Maybe I worried that I'd never learn to walk and I'd have to crawl through grade school. I wish I could remember that long ago.
I don't think it's good to worry so much.
But on the other hand …
If people didn't worry at all, we'd be a world full of daredevils.
Criminals would be totally ruthless if they didn't worry about the consequences.
But on the other hand …
If everyone worried like I do we would be a paranoid society.
Everyone would DVR American Idol and clog up the cable networks.
But on the other hand (oops! … Does that make three hands? Oh well…)
Worrying prepares us for the worst. That’s good, isn’t it?
I know that when I’m home, finally getting to relax … and I pick up my remote to turn on my TV and click to my DVR selections and don’t find the newest American Idol … I PANIC! I search up and down … my blood pressure increases … I start to sweat … I go out of my mind.
I don’t need to be surprised like that.
If I had worried about that earlier don’t you think that it could have been less traumatic ... knowing there might have been a chance I forgot to record it?
Of course … I would have been prepared.
Sometimes I worry I'm not always prepared enough.
I totally can't concentrate when I'm worrying.
I am, oh, so annoying when I'm worried.
Just ask the people I live with. Worry is not my friend.
I wonder if it will bring bad luck writing about this "worry" thing of mine.
Oh crap! :>(

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