Saturday, May 31, 2008

Real Time Blogging

“ Joe, just fast forward through the commercial, please!.”
Tonight, my wife and I were watching television. We had DVR’d the program we were watching, it had broke for a commercial but I had to get up off the couch to visit the bathroom. My thought was … why fast forward through the commercials when I have to take a break anyway. So I excused myself, let it play on and came downstairs to do my thing. I had just finished up when from the next room I heard the familiar “You’ve got mail!” coming from my computer. I could still here Antonio Banderas masquerading as a bee selling nasal spray coming from upstairs, so I decided to quickly check my mail.
“ Joe, what are you doing down there? The commercials are almost over.”
“I’ll be right there honey.” I answered. The email was alerting me to a new comment on a “Practically Wisdom” post. This is too exciting for me. I have to check it out. I’ve been working hard at trying to make new friends in the blogging community. I’ve been researching how to get others to read my posts. So far I’ve fueled my blog (which I’m sure will soon cost me about $4.00 a gallon) … I’ve begun “blog rolling” (when I showed my wife all she could do is roll her eyes … she’s not easily impressed) … I’ve signed up for and I’m still trying to understand “feed burning” (well, I’ve fueled it, why not burn now) … and I’ve been spending too much time on other people’s blogs, trying to make funny comments on their posts hoping someone will read them and ask themselves, “Who’s Practically Joe? I think I’ll check him out.”
“Joe, I’ve paused it now, hurry up! Are you coming back?”
”Yes dear, I’ll be right there.” (she’s gonna come down here soon) … anyway … where was I? Oh yeah … So I’m spending a lot of time blog reading and not blog writing (sorry I still haven’t mastered the blogging lingo yet) … there’s a lot of funny people out there. I want to put them all on my “Practically Friends” blogger’s list. It’s all good! I’m enjoying the humor, each writer’s uniqueness, their followings and their comments. I did receive a few comments since I studied up and put myself out there. It really feels good to know someone other than my family has read my posts.
“Joe, I’m going to bed if you’re not coming back up!”
That was her just then, did you hear her? She seems to enjoy my posts, although she’s not happy that I write about her a lot. (Hey, I got to get my material somewhere, right?) “Joe, have your fun writing about me but if you ever put my picture on there, I’ll kill ya!”, she said to me one day. She never uses the computer on her own. She has an AOL email address and has never used it; even AOL doesn’t know she has it. When she reads my blog, I have to do everything for her. She hasn’t the slightest clue how to get it up on the screen. However, she does like to move the screen up and down with the mouse wheel.
“Shit! You scared the hell out of me! You even made me type s-h-i-t!” She snuck down and has been standing behind me without me knowing. I’m being really brave here … still typing. Wait a sec … I just know she’s gonna say something else. (I’m getting a little scared here)
“You’re supposed to be watching TV upstairs with me. What the hell are you doing?”
Wow … this is real cool … I’m writing this as I’m answering her … “Hon, I just got an email … someone commented on my blog, isn’t this exciting? I just have to see who it is and what they said.”
“Well, who is it and what did they say?”
“I’m not sure yet, let me see … It’s from … Anonymous and they want me to know the steak is good at the Wadhurst restaurant.” … “Isn’t this great?”
“Hmmm. Goodnight, I’m going to bed.”
“Okay honey, I’ll join you as soon as I post this. Goodnight.”


Anonymous said...

oh goody, you removed the verification thingy. now i can comment again. if and when i think of anything to say :-)

Anonymous said...

Blogging is's a bad habit! Welcome to the club!