Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Master of Marriage

I am the master!
I am the sensei (sense-say) of my domain.
“Joe, sweetie, okay, that makes sense, let’s put it there.”
My student is in awe of my complicated kata.
“Joe, honey, be careful don’t lift with your back!”
I manipulate my chi, (chee) so I won’t hurt my knee.
“Watch it Joe, that looks really heavy!”
My jutsu has to always be just so.
“Try moving it a bit to the left, Joe.”
My loud kiai (kee-eye) makes her fear for the worst.
“Oh honey, that had to hurt, are you okay?”
My pen just stuck my ken.
“Joe, you shouldn’t lay it down on your desk.”
I add the mojo to our dojo.
“Wow Joe, I never believed you could do it on your own!”
I am a "marital" arts black belt!
“Okay Joe, just three more of those 5 gallon Poland Springs water bottles left to bring here and you get your back rub.”

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